New to consignment sales? Wondering why your great items aren't selling?  We've made the same mistakes in our past sales, and want to pass on some proven prices and tips.

1. Consignment sale shoppers are looking for a bargain! Keep in mind that most people come to the sale with a budget.  Most clothing and shoe items sell for a few dollars each. The general guideline is 25-30% of what you paid. Most of us savvy shoppers don't pay full price at retail stores!

2. Maximize your profit by pricing to sell on the first day. Consider lowering your prices by $0.50-$1, especially if they've gone through a previous sale. Remember, it's not money in your pocket if it doesn't sell!

3. Allow your items to go half-price. Many of our Saturday shoppers won't even look at the no-discount items.

4. Bundle your items. Pair up outfits, find the matching tights or barrettes, and bundle books in a set. People will pay a little extra for the details.

5. Infant clothes and Maternity. Most people get infant clothing as gifts, so they aren't willing to spend more than $2 on something the baby will outgrow in just weeks.  Specialty items can be priced higher.  We all know how expensive maternity clothes are, but many of our shoppers skip this rack. Keep the prices in the $5-10 range and you'll find that people will 'take a chance'.  Excited grandmas are our #1 customers in both these categories.

6. Consider e-bay or a consignment store for collectibles, one-of-a-kind or high-end items. If you want to try our sale, mark your items to be returned.

7. Make your items sparkle!  It's amazing what a little Dawn dish soap and water or a Mr. Clean Eraser will do for toys. Toys should have all their parts and batteries so people can try them out. Try soaking clothing for a day in Oxy-Clean to get those mystery stains out. Most shoes can be tossed in the washer and a little shoe polish over the scuffs can make a big difference! 
These prices are for gently used, well-kept items - no fading or obvious wear.

Clothing Brands – Target, Walmart, Kohls, Old Navy, Carters, JCPenney, Children's Place.... Clothing Brands – Gap, Macys, Gymboree, Character brands, Herbergers, Nike, Adidas....
less for infant-4T sizes, more for 5T and larger sizes
Short Sleeve Shirts $2-3 $2-5
Long Sleeve Shirts $2-4 $2-5
Hooded sweatshirts $3-5 $3-6
Jeans/Woven Pants $3-5 $3-6
Knit pants/Sweats $2-4 $2-5
Dress Pants $3-5 $3-6
Multi-Piece Clothing $3-5 $3-6
Dresses $3-4 $5-8
Pajamas $3-4 $3-5
Lightweight Coats $4-6 $5-9
Winter Coats $5-10 $10-15
Socks (bundled in groups of 4-8) $2 $2
Shoes $3-5 $6-20 (higher end)
Books $1-3
Games $2-5
DVDs $3-4
Puzzles $1-5 (count all pieces and tape shut)
Toys 25-30% of retail up to 50% of retail if unopened
Blankets $2-5
Bedding Approx 25% of retail
Baby equipment (strollers, swings, exersaucers, etc.) $15-50 (indicate retail price on the tag since there is so much variation)
Bikes $10-50 (depending on brand and condition)
Sports Equipment Approx 25% of retail