Our sale is not for profit. We want to maximize your earnings and continue to grow our sale!

Sellers earn 70% on all their sold items. Sellers that volunteer a minimum of 3 hours earn 75%, volunteer 6 hours and earn 80%. Volunteer during a 4-hour POWER shift and earn 80%. Power shift volunteers must be able to climb stairs, lift 30 lbs. and stand/walk the whole time.

NOTE: Please do not sign up for a dropoff time during a volunteer shift. Time used to dropoff is not counted toward volunteer hours for the increased percentage. 

CTKB has a limited supply of safety pins and hangers free for your use! All clothing items must be hung and tagged using our online item entry system. Log in to our secure system to register for your personal seller’s code and choose your check-in time.

Contact us at kidsale@ctkb.org with any questions.

Feb 17-April 14 Register for your seller number AND check-in appointment on the Scheduler tab. Pick up hangers and safety pins.
April 14 12:00 pm Deadline to submit electronic inventory to Item Entry System
April 15 7:30pm – 9:30pm Wed night Setup / Sale merchandise dropoff.
April 16 10:00am – 5:00pm Thursday Sale merchandise dropoff.
6:00pm – 7:30pm Thursday Pre-Sale
April 17 9:00am – 5:30pm Friday Opening Sale Day
April 18 8:00am – 12:00pm Saturday Sale Day (50% off marked items)
12:00pm – 4:00pm Saturday Teardown/Cleanup
2:30pm – 4:00pm Pick up unsold, return-marked items. Fees will be assessed for items not picked up at this time.
April 25 Unclaimed items will be held at the church for 1 week, then donated.
May 1 Estimated date sellers’ earnings checks mailed to homes.
In-season clothing accepted. Jeans and t-shirts are accepted for both sales. Summer items that will be accepted for this sale include flip flops/sandals, rain boots, tank tops, summer dresses, shorts. Winter items that will NOT be accepted include lined pants, sweaters, winter coats, winter boots, winter gloves, winter hats, scarves and other winter wear.
No car seats, VHS tapes or 'freebie' toys (like kids-meal toys) accepted. Limit of 5 stuffed animals per seller.

Our sale contains new and "gently used" baby/child/pre-teen clothing, maternity wear, shoes, accessories, baby items, indoor and outdoor toys, games, books, DVD's, CD's, baby/juvenile/youth furniture, bedding, sports equipment.

  • Please only sell items in the condition that you would buy.
  • All items must be clean and in excellent condition. No rips, holes, stains or unstitched seams. All buttons, zippers, snaps, buckles and Velcro must work.
  • Non-clothing items must have ALL parts, batteries if needed, and be in good working order and clean.
  • Do NOT use generic descriptions: ex: coat, book, car, shoes. Describe using color and brand whenever possible. This helps sale workers if tags come loose from their items.
  • Securely attach all tags to items. Zip ties, packing tape, and safety pins through the tag twice are recommended. Use card stock if using a tagging gun.
  • Sizes 0-4T may use child hangers. Sizes 5T and larger must use adult hangers. 
  • Bundled books must be securely together. No rubber bands. Use a plastic bag taped shut or string around all 4 sides to help ensure the books stay together as intended.
  • Tape all baggies shut across the entire top of the bag with clear packing tape.
  • All games and puzzles must have ALL pieces and need to be taped shut. Tray puzzles must be bagged and taped shut or wrapped in cling wrap that is taped down.
  • Tape DVD cases and CD cases shut.
  • Any items expired, deemed unsafe, not in great condition or dirty will be pulled from the sale.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw items that are broken, dirty, stained, are torn or smell or that have been recalled.
  • Minimum of 25 items or $50 inventory.

Please check that your items are not subject to a recall or expired for the safety and health of all children. Here is a website to aid you: http://www.cpsc.gov.

Sort your items, grouping by size and gender. This will speed your item entry process and dropoff.

Our Item Entry System provides a fast easy to use way to add your items to our sale. Once you have entered your items, you can print sales tags to be attached to your items. The online system is live during the sale so you can see what items have already sold!

  • Description: Give a short but detailed description of your item on the tag, just in case it becomes separated from the item. We will not sell an item if we don't have a tag! (Ex: Gymboree green dress with pink flowers)
  • Price: You set your own price on all your items! Please price to sell.  Generally items sell for 20-33% of the original price, depending on name brand and condition.  Ask yourself "What would I pay for this item?"  Price to sell or it is not cash in your pocket.  Minimum price is $2 for clothing and shoes, $1 for all other items. All prices must be in multiples of $0.50 (ex. $1.00, $1.50, $2.00…).  You may bundle items to meet the minimum price (example 2 shirts for $2). Consult our Price Guidelines tab for helpful hints.
  • Discount: Decide if you do not want the item to be 50% off during the Saturday discount time.  Most Saturday shoppers are looking for bargains.
  • Return/Donate: Determine what items you would like returned to you or donated to charity if they do not sell.
  • Multi-piece items: For items with multiple pieces** (like toys or beds), create a tag for EACH piece by selecting the ‘add part’ icon.  The first piece will have a price and number/letter (ex: 1a).  The subsequent tags will not have a price and will include a letter (ex: 1b, 1c, 1d…).  **If your multi-piece item can be kept together as one unit you do not have to create a part (example: outfit set on one hanger that can be pinned together do not need to have ‘a’ and ‘b’ tags).

Print tags for each item

  • All tags must be printed from the online inventory system onto plain white paper or card stock. Do not use colored paper or stickers. Print tags on card stock if using a tagging gun.

Final preparation of sale items

Clothing: Attach tags to clothing using standard SAFETY PINS or tagging gun (through a seam or tag only). Tag should be approximately 1-inch from the top right corner of the item (see picture). Safety pins should go through the tag 2x for security.

Hang all clothing on hangers as shown. The hanger should form a ? when you look at the front of an item. Pants not on clip hangers must be pinned to the top of the hanger, NOT on the bottom bar. Hangers must face the correct direction. Do not use wooden clothes pins to attach pants to the hangers.

Onesies, sleepers and swaddlers should be hung for display. Use a rubber band or tape to bundle hangers together if making sets and pin items together. Underwear, socks and tights do not need to be hung. They can be pinned or put into clear storage bags that are securely taped so they can't be opened during the sale.


Shoes: If shoes have laces, tie them together, or put a string or zip tie through the eye holes or velcro to help keep them together. Pin on tag, tape on or lace with curling ribbon through eyes. Remember that we cannot sell items without tags, so label well.

Tagging small items: Socks, bibs, rattles, hair bows and other small items will sell much better if sold as a set. Please put several like items together in a clear plastic bag. Tape the bag shut using clear packing tape. Clearly label what is in the bag on your tag, and zip shut. Tape tag securely to the bag. There will be a table for these items at the sale.

Toys, Books, Other: Attach tags to toys, books and odd-shaped items that cannot be pinned so that tag is secure and visible. Bundle book sets securely together with twine or string or in a taped-shut plastic bag. No rubber bands

Tagging toys and equipment with multiple items: Package or box all toys with multiple pieces in a clear plastic bag. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag. For large items with multiple pieces, put a tag on EACH piece, ie. 3a, 3b, 3c…etc. Secure the items together to prevent separation.

Everyone must sign up for a checkin time to have items inspected and placed on the sale floor. Items must be placed on sales floor by 5pm Thursday.

Allow 30-45 minutes for dropoff. You must check in with a sale coordinator and go through inspection before placing items on the sales floor.

Please make sure:
  • Your merchandise is tagged and packaged correctly, ready to sell! If you have your clothes sorted by size and gender in your piles, then drop off will be easier and faster for you.
  • You provide a box or bin with your seller number and your name on it for items you want returned to you.
  • All items will automatically be reduced by 50% during the Saturday discount time of the sale unless items are marked otherwise.
  • All unmarked items will be donated. All items unclaimed in the week after the sale will be donated, regardless "Return to Seller" instructions on the tag.
  • Return to Seller items must be picked up after the sale on Saturday 2:30 - 4pm. A fee of $10 will be charged for storing return items after the sale if you contact a sale admin and make arrangements. A $20 fee will be charged if you do not make prior arrangements. Fees will be taken from the sale proceeds. Please make every effort to pick up your return items on Saturday.
  • Tax Deduction: Donated items are tax deductible. A sold/unsold items report will also be available to you via our inventory site for accounting and tax purposes.
  • Items without a tag cannot be sold. We will try to match up items (based on description) if possible; otherwise the items will be set aside for pickup on Saturday.
  • We will be taking precautions against theft, but we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen merchandise.

Word of mouth is the best advertising… Please tell your family, friends and neighbors!

Thank You for Your Support!

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