When do I need to pick up my items that are marked to be returned?

All return items must be picked up between 2:15-4pm after the Saturday sale. 
If you are unable to pickup return items at that time, the church will store return items for a $10 fee if prior, written arrangements are made. A $20 fee will be assessed if you do not contact a sale admin about return item late pickup.  Fees will be deducted from the sales check.

The church is open weekdays Monday - Thursday from 8am - 4:30pm, Friday 8-noon. for late pickup. Stop by the office just inside the main doors and they can direct you to our storage room. The church is also open many evenings for various community activities. There is a community meal and activities every Wednesday night from 5-8pm, Saturday evening from 4-6pm, and Sunday mornings from 8am-12pm. 

Please contact the sale admins if you are using the return item storage option prior to the sale start.  We encourage you to make arrangements for your items to be picked up or consider marking your items to donate.
How can I volunteer and what will I do?

We love our volunteers!  
Setup volunteers help us carry racks and items from our storage area and place them in the sale area. They also help inspect items as they are coming in and help organize the items on the tables and racks.
During the sale, volunteers help at the checkout station by scanning items, removing hangers, bagging items and accepting payments. Some work the sales floor keeping the tables neat, re-hanging or sorting clothing, and generally keeping an eye out for shoplifting. We also have someone sorting and bundling hangers to offer back to our sellers and a greeter at the door to hand out shopping bags and welcome people to the sale!
Our tear-down crew sorts all of the seller return items for pickup, bags up the donated items, and helps us carry racks back into our storage area for the next sale.
What items are accepted?

  Our sale contains new and "gently used" in season baby/child/pre-teen clothing, maternity wear, shoes, accesssories, baby items, indoor and outdoor toys, games, books, videos, baby/juvenile/youth furniture, bedding, sports equipment.  The sale targets items that would be used or worn by children birth - 14 years. We do not accept Women's or larger Men's size clothes, or items that children/teens would not use.

For more details, please read our seller information.
How much do I make as a consignor? What do you do with the proceeds?

Our consignors (sellers) keep 70-80% of the sales price of their items. Almost all of our consignors volunteer at least 3 hours to get 75%.
Another 5% is used to pay for sale supplies like hangers, safety pins, racks, signs, bags and food for volunteers. We give away 60% of the sale profits to local charities that partner with us to advertise the sale. The rest of the sale profits are used for various projects like: nursery pagers, youth sponsorships, Bingo Family Fun event, monitor for announcements, etc.

In 2014 we gave over $2200 to Richfield Early Childhood Special Education, Bloomington ECFE PTA, and Richfield Dual Language School PTSO. We also gave $500 to Cornerstone, a Bloomington women's domestic violence shelter. 2015 Fall Sale sent $1800 to Feed My Starving Children and $1500 to Oasis for Youth (a Bloomington homeless teen center). 2016 Spring sale sent $1500 to March of Dimes and the remaining was used for scholarships for CTK youth for summer camps. Fall 2016 proceeds were directed to the Boy and Girl Scout groups that meet at Christ the King. Spring 2017 proceeds were used to make 2,096 sandwiches for Minneapolis homeless through Allan Law's Minneapolis Recreation Development program. Fall 2017 proceeds were donated to the ELCA Disaster Relief Fund to help with the devastation caused by the hurricanes and wild fires. We have donated over $20,000 since our sale started in April 2010. Thank you!

Other charities supported with our unsold items are VEAP and a free local clothes closet.
I have so much stuff! How do I get started?

Begin by reading our seller document where we try to answer most of your questions. We also answer email questions (kidsale@ctkb.org) and phone calls.

It seems overwhelming at first with your 'mountain of stuff', but we recommend starting with just a few items.  Our tags print 12 to a page so we find it easy to grab 12 things (toys, books, or whatever) and enter them into the system. Print your tags, pin or tape them on, put them in your 'done' box.  Repeat. 
I have tons of items to donate. Can you take them?

 Sorry, we can't accept donations at this time. We are busy volunteers with full-time jobs and families that don't have time in the weeks before the sale to tag more items. 
How often do you have sales?

We host 2 sales per year. Our spring sale is usually in April and our fall sale is usually the last weekend in September or early October. Bikes and outdoor toys sell best in the spring. Costumes, coats and boots sell best in the fall.
Why does everything have to be on hangers? 

Clothing items display better to the buyers on hangers, and it is easier to keep the sale organized and looking neat.  We also request that all clothing is hung so that the hanger resembles a question mark (?) when you are looking at the front of the item. This makes it easier for the buyers to see the outfits. Please use adult size hangers for all clothing items 5T and up. Newborn - 4T should be hung on child sized hangers.
Free hangers and safety pins can be picked up anytime during normal church hours Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm, Friday 8am-12pm, Wednesday evenings until about 8pm, Saturdays from 4-6pm, and Sunday mornings from 8am-12pm. All the staff should know where our consignment sale room is and can help you. Please bring a box or bag to carry the hangers. You're welcome to take as many as you need but please return any that you don't use.
How do I price my items/What prices will I find if I come shop the sale?

Most of the items in our sale are really great deals. 
Our consignors set the prices on their own items. We generally recommend pricing items to 25-30% of the original purchase price. Better brands will have a more expensive retail price.

Need to really stretch your budget? Shop on Saturday when many items are 1/2 off. Keep in mind that this is not a garage sale, so prices are non-negotiable. We can't lower the price, even if we think it is too high.

I have another question - how do I get in touch with a coordinator?

Email is the best way to get ahold of one of the sale coordinators during the day and before/after the sale dates:  kidsale@ctkb.org. Both coordinators are volunteers and also work full-time and have active families. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours. 

What payment methods are accepted?

We prefer cash or check (with address and phone number) but we totally recognize the convenience of using credit cards! We accept VISA,MasterCard & Discover credit cards.